PBT Extra: Expect Carmelo Anthony to be a Knick after trade deadline


Phil Jackson wants to trade Carmelo Anthony before the Feb. 23 trade deadline, jump-starting the rebuilding process around Kristaps Porzingis in New York.

However, trading Anthony is complex and not likely to happen unless the Knicks are willing to take pennies on the dollar in return. ‘Melo has a no-trade clause (allowing him to essentially pick his destination) and a 15 percent trade kicker. The number of teams Anthony might waive the no-trade for who want him is limited to maybe at best a couple, with the Los Angeles Clippers being the most likely —  and they are offering so little the two teams are trying to find a third partner.

Which is why I say in this latest PBT Extra I expect Anthony to be a Knick when the season ends. Things could be different around the draft or heading into next season, but for now, don’t bet on a trade.