Video Breakdown: Joel Embiid snubbed from the NBA All-Star team

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Joel Embiid is not an All-Star this season, despite having an impressive first year on the court for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Cameroonian rookie missed out by a hair for the fan vote, and coaches left him off of the reserve list when they were announced on Thursday. Embiid lost out to the likes of Paul George, Paul Millsap, Kevin Love, and wildcard Kemba Walker.

So the question is, should Embiid have made it?

He’s was one of the best per-100 scorers compared to his fellow frontcourt reserve players, an excellent shooter from the field, and a top player for blocks.

But Embiid is playing fewer than 26 minutes per-game, something that obviously didn’t sit well with coaches. The last player to make an All-Star team who played 26 minutes per-game or fewer while being a major contributor was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1988-89. Not exactly a lot of historical precedence for Embiid making the cut.

There’s also a lot of gaps in Embiid’s game — remember he’s a rookie — including turnovers, travels, fouls, and flat jumpers.

So what does Embiid well, and where does he struggle, and how might that have played into him missing out on a trip to New Orleans?

Check it out by watching this week’s video breakdown above.