Report: Matt Barnes to turn self in soon to NYPD for New York nightclub fight


There were reports a month ago out of New York that police in the city were close to arresting Sacramento Kings wing Matt Barnes for what happened during an altercation at a Chelsea club where he and DeMarcus Cousins had gone. Barnes’ representative claimed any actions by Barnes were in self-defense. However, video of the incident reportedly shows Barnes as the aggressor and choking a woman, it was the argument between Barnes and this woman which started everything, according to the report. Both Barnes and Cousins have already been sued in civil court over the altercation.

Now Barnes likely will turn himself in to New York police, reports the New York Daily News.

NBA player Matt Barnes is expected to soon turn himself in on misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly assaulting a woman during a brawl at a Chelsea nightclub, police sources said Friday.

The Dec. 5 free-for-all happened at hotspot Avenue on 10th Ave. and involved Barnes, fellow Sacramento King DeMarcus Cousins and other patrons, including a woman whose argument with Barnes sparked the melee….

Police however said only Barnes, 36, is going to be charged. He is expected to travel to the city shortly, possibly as soon as next week.

Barnes likely will not have to appear in court after that, and in the majority of these criminal cases it is pled out quickly. However, the civil trial could go on for some time.