Enes Kanter: Russell Westbrook didn’t call Kevin Durant a ‘b— a—’


After last week’s Warriors-Thunder game, Russell Westbrook told someone, “Don’t say what’s up to that b— a—.”

Whom was he talking to? And whom was he talking about.

Oklahoma City teammates Enes Kanter, Anthony Morrow and Jerami Grant were in the vicinity. And, of course, Westbrook is beefing with Durant.

Kanter, via Erik Horne of The Oklahoman:

“Ask him (Westbrook), man,” Kanter said. “He said somebody but ask him. He’ll probably tell you. He’ll probably give you a better answer than me.

“It wasn’t Kevin. He’d already walked out. I didn’t even see him after the game.”

As I wrote before: You will never convince anyone Westbrook is referring to anyone but Durant.