Report: Chris Bosh interested in reuniting with LeBron James or Dwyane Wade

AP Photo/El Nuevo Herald, David Santiago

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have both voiced support for Chris Bosh, who’s away from the Heat as he handles his blood clots.

Could Bosh reunite with one of those former teammates?

Wade’s Bulls are reportedly interested, and it sounds as if Bosh is intrigued by joining Wade – or LeBron.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

From what I’ve been told, Bosh has not definitively decided whether to resume his career. He certainly has not ruled it out. And the idea of playing again with Dwyane Wade or LeBron James appeals to him.

I remain skeptical Bosh plays again and even more skeptical he plays again outside Miami. The medical consensus is that he must regularly take blood-thinners due to his multiple blood-clot episodes and that it’s unsafe to play basketball while on blood-thinners. Before the Heat can exclude his salary from their team salary by releasing (and still paying) him, a doctor jointly selected by the NBA and players union determining Bosh’s condition is “of such severity that continuing to play professional basketball at an NBA level would subject the player to medically unacceptable risk of suffering a life-threatening or permanently disabling injury or illness.” Another team would be free to make its own determination, but what are the odds the jointly selected doctor rules it’s unsafe for Bosh to play and another team disagrees?

But let’s indulge for a moment and assume Bosh becomes a free agent that other teams are willing to sign. Given the way Wade, who possesses a player option, has been talking about Chicago, he might not be long for the Bulls. Likewise, I wouldn’t assume LeBron – highly critical of the Cavaliers lately – re-signs in Cleveland next year (which could be when Bosh is ready to return, in the hypothetical world where he returns at all).

So, where would Bosh reunite with LeBron and/or Wade? That’s the next question that I doubt we’ll ever get to.