Three things we learned Thursday: Give the people what they want, and they want Curry

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1) The All-Star Starters are in and Russell Westbrook is out. But was he screwed? In case you missed it, the Starters for the All-Star Game in New Orleans Feb. 19 were announced. Remember, this is a combination of fan votes (50 percent) plus players (25) and selected media (25). Here is who is in:

Stephen Curry (Golden State)
James Harden (Houston)
Kevin Durant (Golden State)
Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio)
Anthony Davis (New Orleans)

Kyrie Irving (Cleveland)
DeMar DeRozan (Toronto)
LeBron James (Cleveland)
Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee)
Jimmy Butler (Chicago)

The big outrage online: Stephen Curry is starting and Russell Westbrook is not. But is that really something to be outraged about? People are flipping out because the two-time reigning MVP is starting the All-Star Game? I will grant you that if you are voting based on who has had the best first half of the season, it should be a Westbrook/Harden backcourt, and if I had voted that would have been my call (it was the call of the media and players). What happened under the scoring system (where players were ranked where they finished in the three voting groups) was that Curry, Westbrook, and Harden all ended up tied. In the case of a tie, the fan vote breaks it and the fans voted for Curry first, Harden second, and Westbrook third. Westbrook will undoubtedly be there with the coaches picking the rest of the roster (that’s announced next Thursday).

This is an exhibition game, and while being selected can matter to a player it’s still just a show. The idea is to give the people what they want — within reason, no Zaza, and no Dwyane Wade starting — and they wanted Curry. So start Curry.

Westbrook is now my bet to come in and decide he wants to take over and win All-Star MVP. Because he can.

2) John Wall on one coast and Karl-Anthony Towns on the other put on the big shows for the night. While the Internet was arguing Westbrook/Curry, there was actual NBA basketball being played, and there were a couple of impressive performances.

John Wall had 29 points and 13 assists to lead the Wizards past the slumping Knicks 113-110, and he sealed the game with this rebound over Derrick Rose then taking it coast-to-coast for the slam (Wall will be an All-Star reserve picked by the coaches.).

Then on the other coast Karl-Anthony Towns had 37 points — 15 in the fourth quarter, including all the clutch shots when it mattered — to give Minnesota the win over a very shorthanded Clippers team.

3) Pau Gasol fractures hand in warmups, is going to miss some time. Not that the Spurs will lose games now. Pau Gasol fractured the fourth metacarpal in his left hand — the bone that connects the ring finger to the wrist — during warmups Thursday night and the former All-Star and NBA champion is going to miss time. The Spurs haven’t put a timeline on it, and it depends on how severe the break was, but he’s out at least a month and maybe two.

This isn’t ideal for the Spurs, but they have actually been better this season when Gasol is on the bench compared to playing (a stat with a lot of noise, but it speaks to the depth of the team). David Lee got the start Thursday night and expect to see more Dewayne Dedmon.

That first game without Gasol? Lee had 16 rebounds, Kawhi Leonard dropped 34, and the Spurs beat the Nuggets 118-104. That team just keeps on rolling. The best part of that game, watching Gregg Popovich get ejected.