Warriors president: Franchise will likely keep ‘Golden State’ moniker upon move to San Francisco

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

With their move from Oakland, the Golden State Warriors were reportedly considering changing their name back to the San Francisco Warriors.

But a championship, 73 wins and a repeat Finals appearance have influenced the franchise’s brass.

Warriors president Rick Welts, via Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area:

“The team’s success has caused us to really rethink whether or not that’s something we should or want to do,” Welts said on the Warriors Insider Podcast. “I guess it’s fair to say there’s been no final decision made.

“But if you were a betting man, I think you would probably want to wager that the name might remain the same.”

“Four years ago, I think the conventional wisdom in our building here in Oakland was that, yes, we should attach a city name to the team, that it would become a more global franchise,” Welts said. “There was a lot of head-scratching four years ago about where the Golden State Warriors even played, in other parts of the world.

“What’s happened with the team over the course of the ensuing years, until today, has made the Warriors if not the preeminent, at least among the three best-known NBA franchises around the world. And everybody who didn’t know where the Golden State Warriors were four years ago, if you’re a fan today, anywhere in the world, you know where the Golden State Warriors are.”

As long as they keep Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, it doesn’t matter what they call themselves. They’ll be immensely popular.

But the new arena will outlast these players. If the team declines in the future, will a name change follow?