Jeremy Lin says he hopes to be back in a couple weeks


The Brooklyn Nets have been vague about setting a timeline for the return of Jeremy Lin from his second hamstring issue this season. Teams like to manage expectations and control the narrative.

But Lin went on a Chinese television show and was honest about his recovery, and the New York Post got ahold of the interview.

“It’s OK. It’s progressing gradually,” said Lin. “I think the recovery is faster than last time.”


“It’s hard to judge. Hope to come back playing within one, a couple of weeks,’’ said Lin. “But I’m not sure.”

Fair warning, players are notoriously poor judges of their recovery time from injury.

Lin missed 17 games with the first hamstring strain this season, he has already been out seven this time with more to come. The Nets have a lot of problems, but one of the biggest is turnovers and that’s why they need him back — he’s far and away the best point guard on their roster.