Rajon Rondo on reason for his benching with Bulls: “I think it’s bulls***”

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Rajon Rondo was back in the rotation for the Bulls Tuesday in Washington, after having spent more than a week glued to the bench following a rough game against the Pacers a couple of weeks back where he was -20 in the first half. With the Bulls offense stumbling, coach Fred Hoiberg decided to take a look at Michael Carter-Williams and other rotations.

Rondo was no fan of the benching. As you might imagine.

Rondo was flat-out awful against the Pacers and deserved to be benched. And him running the offense with the Bulls’ usual starters basically plays their opponents even — you can’t blame Fred Hoiberg for looking for better answers.

What Rondo wants is the ball in his hands a lot and the autonomy to make decisions. Both of those things have been shrinking. More and more the ball has been in Jimmy Butler‘s hands — with good reason, he’s their best player — and Hoiberg is calling more plays.

With Dwyane Wade and Butler on the wing, the Bulls need shooting at the point — that’s not Rondo. So this partnership is ultimately doomed. He will get traded eventually (only $3 million of his salary next season is guaranteed, some team will give the Bulls a pick or something useful for the savings). But for now, it will continue in its awkward way.