Paul Millsap says Hawks told him there will be no deadline trade


After the Kyle Korver trade, it felt like the Hawks were going to blow it up and move Paul Millsap as well. Plenty of teams were interested. It looked like a rebuild in Atlanta.

Then Atlanta changed its mind. They pulled Millsap off the market. The question was, did the Hawks mean that or was this a plot to increase the offers?

Looks like they meant it. Check out what Millsap told ESPN.

Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap told on Tuesday that he has indeed been informed by team management that he will not be traded before the league’s Feb. 23 trade deadline.

“Now everybody can stop talking about it,” Millsap said after the Hawks’ shootaround in Basketball City before playing the Nets. “I can stop thinking about it and just focus on basketball.”

Is this what Millsap wanted?

“Oh yeah, absolutely. For me and my team, for us to really do something, I think that all the rumors (have) got to stop. I think we are at a good place right now during the season and our main focus is basketball and winning and winning big.”

The Hawks wouldn’t tell Millsap he is staying them move him.

The Hawks have a strong defense and are currently the four seed in the East (which would mean home court advantage in the first round). How far they can go in a conference with LeBron James and the Cavaliers is up for debate, but without Millsap they likely would have fallen out of the postseason entirely. Now, they can advance a round with some breaks.

No trade also means the Hawks have made peace with offering him a max contract next summer, which will start at around $36 million. Millsap is going to be a Hawk for a while.