NBA: Celtics put away 76ers with help of two late incorrect calls

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

The Celtics beat the 76ers on Friday despite what Boston coach Brad Stevens called a “bad day at work.”

That bad day might have cost the Celtics a victory if the game were officiated correctly down the stretch.

Boston benefitted from both missed calls in the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report for the 110-106 game.

First, Al Horford should have been called for committing an offensive foul on Gerald Henderson with 1:49 left, according to the league:

Horford (BOS) extends his knee into Henderson (PHI) on the screen and does not give him room to avoid the contact.

Rather than turning the ball over, the Celtics scored one point on that possession. Their lead when Philadelphia had to begin intentionally fouling? One.

Plus, 76ers might not have had to hack so soon if it weren’t for another missed call.

Ersan Ilyasova missed with Philadelphia down one and seven seconds left, and Amir Johnson grabbed the defensive rebound and drew an intentional foul. But before he did, Horford and Joel Embiid should have have drawn double personal fouls while battling for the rebound, according to the league:

Embiid (PHI) grabs Horford (BOS) and Horford extends his arm into Embiid and the two players affect each other’s ability to retrieve the rebound.

The result would have been a jump ball – and another chance for the 76ers to maintain possession. Instead, Boston got the ball and pulled away.