Kevin Garnett roasts Charles Barkley calling him “Borderline champion” (VIDEO)


When Charles Barkley tried to razz Kevin Garnett on Inside the NBA on Friday night, there’s no way he thought KG was going to come back with some fire like this. But then again, maybe don’t try to go in on one of the greatest trash talkers of a generation, because you might get burnt.

Barkley started things by trying to give Garnett a hard time about getting into the Hall of Fame. Chuck was jokingly trying to rally his compatriots — many of whom have a Hall of Fame vote — into saying they were on the fence about electing Garnett to the hall when he becomes eligible in 2021.

“Kevin, you a borderline hall-of-famer,” Barkley said before Garnett quickly took over.

KG’s response was perfect.

“I’m a champion too,” Garnett shot back. “Shaq you a champion, Gary [Payton] you a champion, Kenny [Smith] you a champion. You know, Chuck, you almost a champion. Borderline champion.”

Garnett’s ether of Barkley was so good Gary Payton couldn’t stop himself from giggling uncontrollably.

Long Live Kevin Garnett.