Guys waived Friday: Ryan Kelly, Alonzo Gee, Pierre Jackson, John Jenkins; more to come

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Expect a rash of guys to be waived in the next 24 hours. The reason is simple: Players on non-guaranteed contracts still on the roster by Jan. 10 see their contracts guaranteed for the full season, and to get them off the roster by then they need to be waived on Saturday at the latest.

There was a rash of guys let go on Friday to get ahead of the curve, and Marc Stein of ESPN summed it up.

None of these guys will get snapped up off waivers. Most of these guys will get picked up in the D-League, others may get 10-days soon with other NBA squads. Ryan Kelly and Alonzo Gee are the kind of fringe NBA players who will get other chances in the Association, they have valuable NBA skills. Some team may take a chance on Pierre Jackson and John Jenkins.

There will be more waived guys on Saturday.