Russell Westbrook taunts Bucks fans with Aaron Rodgers’ discount doublecheck celebration (VIDEO)

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Russell Westbrook got booed in Milwaukee Monday night.

Not because he dropped 30 points on the Bucks — the fans paid to see that, and they still got a Bucks win out of the game.

No, Westbrook dared tread on sacred ground in Wisconsin — he celebrated with the Aaron Rodgers discount double-check/putting on the belt move.

This likely was targeted at Steve Novak, the former Thunder player and long-time NBA sharpshooter who now rides the bench for the Bucks.

Milwaukee fans should take a deep breath — the Packers are in the playoffs, they have a home game this week, and nobody wants to face them right now, Rodgers and company are that hot.

Westbrook likes to taunt, to stir the pot. That or he wants a piece of that State Farm commercial money.