Tim Hardaway Jr.’s clutch three forces OT, where Hawks beat Spurs


For the first time in his coaching career, Mike Budenholzer has beaten the Spurs.

But the long-time Spurs assistant — now Mr. Everything in Atlanta — needed some clutch help from Tim Hardaway Jr. The Spurs were up three with 10 seconds left, and this is the kind of game where San Antonio just out executes every other team and wins. Instead, the Hawks had the good execution: Mike Muscala set one heck of a moving screen, Kawhi Leonard hesitated for a second on the switch chasing Hardaway around it, and that created enough room for the game-tieing shot.

The Hawks went on to get the win in overtime, led on the night by Paul Milsap’s 25 points and nine rebounds. Also, the Hawks caught a break when Kawhi Leonard barely — and I mean barely — missed a game winner. Then in OT Leonard missed a layup to force second OT.