Kobe Bryant on Ronda Rousey: “Give her a standing ovation”


Ronda Rousey lost in the first round to Amanda Nunez at UFC 207 on Friday night. The former bantamweight champion took a swift beating, losing via TKO in 48 seconds after multiple punches to the face and the fallout on social media was direct and swift. But there was one important voice still standing up for Rousey the day after the loss: Kobe Byrant.

Taking to Twitter on New Year’s Eve, Bryant gave a little perspective to Rousey’s loss and to her detractors. Instead of slamming Rousey, Bryant was more realistic about what she had done for the women’s sport thanks to her electrifying rise and lightning-quick submissions.

Via Twitter:

Kobe Bryant knows what it takes to be champion. The former Los Angeles Lakers star also knows what it’s like to suffer at the bottom, having waded through multiple sub-30 win seasons during his final years playing. Perhaps that’s why Kobe felt necessary to weigh in on Rousey.

In any case, he’s absolutely right. Discrediting what Rousey accomplished prior to her losses to Holly Holm in 2015 and Nunes on Friday is sour grapes and revisionist history.

Plus, it’s just cool to see Kobe being the reasonable old sage.