Shaq challenges JaVale McGee to avoid getting on “Shaqtin’ A Fool” (VIDEO)

javale mcgee
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JaVale McGee likes to add a little comedy to his basketball, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t. I know I enjoy it. But Shaquille O’Neal wants the Golden State Warriors big man to try something new: avoid making any mistakes that might put him on “Shaqtin’ A Fool”.

That’s the gauntlet Shaq threw down on Inside the NBA on Thursday, saying McGee had to go error-free over Golden State’s next three games to avoid getting put on the blooper show for its next five episodes.

The crew on the studio thought it might be just a little tough for the Warriors center.

Via Twitter:

Either way, there’s no way for McGee to let us down. It’s either perfect play, or continued comedy.