Shaq breaks a light on Inside the NBA, gets grumpy with co-hosts (VIDEO)


Shaquille O’Neal is usually known for being one of the more jovial members of the Inside the NBA crew on TNT, but Thursday night saw the Hall of Fame center get a little cranky. So cranky, in fact, that Shaq wound up breaking a light on the TNT set, ensuring he would do the next segment unlit.

It started, apparently, because Shaq asked for his key light to be turned down so it wouldn’t make his eyes water. He wound up taking a boom pole or something similar and whacking a light above the set until it faded away.

Shaq then did the rest of the segment in darkness, with his co-hosts asking him what all the fuss was about.

When Kenny Smith asked Shaq why he would break a light, Shaq responded, “Cause I felt like it. I’ll break you.”

That prompted Ernie Johnson to reply to Shaq’s complaints with, “You cranky tonight man.”