No fines, no suspensions from NBA in wake of Rockets vs. Mavericks game

harden bogut
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Eight technical fouls. A couple of flagrant fouls. A chippy game that felt more like the playoffs than December, and one the referees couldn’t control.

The Rockets vs. Mavericks game Tuesday saw Andrew Bogut dropping James Harden with a screen (and getting a flagrant for it), it saw Trevor Ariza waiting outside the Mavs locker room to confront Salah Mejri, and it saw a lot of talking.

What it will not see is fines or other measures from the NBA.

That’s the correct call to me. The game was chippy, the referees looked like those teachers you had in high school who couldn’t control the classroom despite handing out detention slips like candy, but nothing rose to the level of deserving a fine or suspension. Nobody crossed that line.

But when these teams meet next, you can bet on one tightly called game.