Andrew Bogut slams into James Harden, gets called for flagrant foul (VIDEO)


Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut just recently returned from injury, and he’s already doing Andrew Bogut things, it seems. On Tuesday, Bogut drew a flagrant foul for setting an exceptionally-hard screen on Houston Rockets star James Harden.

It all happened with 5:31 left in the second quarter, with Bogut setting a down screen for Harrison Barnes. As Harden tried to fight through the pick, Bogut appeared to slide himself toward the Rockets guard after setting his feet.

The move knocked Harden to the ground, and he had to lay on the floor a moment before composing himself enough to shoot and make two free throws.

Houston’s MVP candidate then came back just seconds later and hit a 3-pointer on the Mavericks that forced Dallas to call a timeout, and as the teams went to their benches Harden gave Bogut an icy staredown.

No love lost between these Texas rivals, of course. Houston beat Dallas, 123-107.