DeMarcus Cousins, Joel Embiid mutual admiration society expressed through butt slaps


Game recognize game.

DeMarcus Cousins has game — he dropped 30 on the Sixers Monday night, including draining the game winner — and he recognizes what he’s going up against in Sixers’ rookie Joel Embiid. He knows Embiid is going to be special — and coming after Cousin’s crown of “best traditional center” in the game. The two big men were playing some old school basketball down on the block in Sacramento Monday — pushing, bodying up, fighting for position, and just going at each other.

During the game, Cousins expressed his admiration for Embiid with a playful butt slap — and Embiid returned the favor. You can see it above, these were not love taps. After the game, Cousins was classic praising Embiid in an interview.

Boogie was making plays when it mattered most in crunch time. First, there was the go-ahead three.

Then Cousins blocked Embiid’s attempted game winner (Embiid and the Sixers wanted a whistle on this one, they may have a point).