Report: Guests at LeBron James’ Halloween party had to walk over Stephen Curry dummy to enter

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Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James‘ Halloween party featured Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson tombstone cookies and a “3-1 Lead” drum for a skeleton band.

But those apparently weren’t even the most outrageous props.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

Back in October, at James’ Halloween party that made headlines for its mock tombstones that memorialized the Warriors’ lost 3-1 Finals lead, sources told there was even a dummy dressed up like Curry on the floor of the haunted house that guests had no choice but to walk over when they arrived to get to the party.

In his last eight games against the Cavaliers – seven in the 2016 NBA Finals and yesterday’s Christmas contest – Curry has both scored 20 points and won only once. He’s shooting well below his career marks inside and outside the arc and has more turnovers than assists in those games.

If he doesn’t want the Cavs to walk over his likeness, the best thing he can do is stop letting them walk over him on the court. (At least by his MVP standards. For most players, he’s still excelling against Cleveland.)