NBA: Mavericks got key stop against Clippers after missed foul call


Harrison Barnes was the clear hero for the Mavericks yesterday, hitting the game-winner in in their 90-88 win over the Clippers.

Dallas’ subtle benefactor? Late-game officiating.

Seth Curry got away with fouling DeAndre Jordan by disrupting his freedom of movement with 1:11 left, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report

Curry (DAL) makes contact with Jordan (LAC) that affects his FOM on the cut to the basket

I know, I know. Jordan is an awful free-throw shooter. But the Mavericks weren’t in the penalty, so a correct call wouldn’t have sent Jordan to the line. It would have given the Clippers a fresh shot clock and a chance to burn the clock as they tried to preserve their three-point lead.

Instead, with the shot clock near expiration, the Clippers turned the ball over – key in Dallas’ final-possession win.

For what it’s worth, the other officiating error acknowledged in the two-minute report said Jordan have been called for a lane violation with 33 seconds left:

Jordan (LAC) enters the paint area prior to the free throw being released.

However, the two-minute report doesn’t note whether it occurred on Wesley Matthews‘ first or second free throw.

A lane violation on the first free throw, which Matthews missed, would require “disconcertion.” That’s a tough sell, though Deron Williams and Matthews both appeared upset, possibly about that.

Matthews made his second free throw, anyway.