NBA: Kings got away with key late foul in win over Jazz

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Another day, another case of late-game officiating benefitting the Kings.

This time, Sacramento got away with a key foul late in its 94-93 win over the Jazz on Wednesday.

With the Jazz down two and the shot clock off, Gordon Hayward missed. But Arron Afflalo should’ve been called for fouling Rudy Gobert during the battle for the rebounding, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

Afflalo (SAC) faces up with Gobert (UTA) and grabs and holds his jersey, affecting his ability to retrieve the rebound.

The Kings were in the penalty, so a correct call would’ve sent Gobert – who’s making 67% of his free throws this season and 60% for his career – to the line for two free throws with 6.2 seconds left.

Instead, DeMarcus Cousins grabbed the defensive rebound, and Utah had to begin intentionally fouling.

The two-minute report also denotes a missed offensive foul on Gobert after Cousins made two free throws to nearly ice the game. But that Jazz possession down four never would’ve occurred with correct officiating down the stretch. If Gobert had gotten to the line and made both free throws to tie the game, Sacramento likely would’ve held for the final shot of regulation.