Stephen Curry loses mouthguard mid-dribble, catches it while assisting Kevin Durant (VIDEO)

steph curry

Stephen Curry has one of the quickest releases in the NBA, and his lighting-fast quick twitch muscles are part of why he’s the reigning 2-time NBA MVP.

What the Golden State Warriors guard does on the court is often unbelievable, but what Curry did during the middle of gameplay against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night was just ridiculous.

Via Twitter:

As Curry brought the ball up the floor, he somehow lost his mouthguard while dribbling. Without skipping a beat, he reached out with this opposite hand and caught the mouthguard, then casually passed the ball off to Kevin Durant for an assist.

I think I would have a hard time just catching a mouth piece I knew I was going to spit out while dribbling. Curry did it on accident and caught it while he was playing in an NBA game.

Hilarious, and kind of amazing.