Reporter: DeMarcus Cousins’ teammate texted to apologize on Kings’ behalf

Rob Carr/Getty Images
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While attention has focused on DeMarcus Cousins‘ interaction with a Sacramento Bee columnist, the Bee’s video of DeMarcus Cousins feuding with reporters also highlighted his rift with Cowbell Kingdom.

After one game, Cousins refused to address a group of reporters until a Cowbell Kingdom writer left. Before another, Cousins jawed at Cowbell Kingdom managing editor Leo Beas.

There was apparently yet another incident between Cousins and Cowbell Kingdom not included in the video.


As members of the press drew closer to conduct the normal media scrum, Cousins singled me out and began talking to me in a very unprofessional manner. Instead of pulling me aside, as most professional basketball players would, he tried to verbally intimidate our photo editor, Emmanuel Basulto, and me and then began attacking me on a personal level. Instead of escalating the situation, we exited the locker room.

I even received a text from a Kings player apologizing on the team’s behalf for having to witness another tantrum by the “leader” of the team.

Last season, a report emerged Cousins’ teammate were growing tired of his moodiness and disrespectful attitude. This is just another indication that problem remains.

Cousins’ issues with the media have been somewhat overblown (though that doesn’t make Cousins right or wise or even close to either). But they appear to be part of a larger problem, one that includes Cousins alienating teammates – a much bigger deal.

As for the courtside incident with Cowbell Kingdom, Beas:

The Sacramento Bee only released a small portion of the altercation, which is positive for Cousins because if the full video had been released, then we would be talking about something else. I’ll just leave it at that.