Report: Kings levy ‘substantial fine’ on DeMarcus Cousins for treatment of media

demarcus cousins sacramento bee

DeMarcus Cousins has feuded with the media numerous times numerous times.

A bad look for Cousins? Yes, but that’s mostly his problem.

A sign of his immaturity? Probably, though that’s true only when coupled with other indicators.

A direct problem for the Kings? Yes, as they want to generate positive publicity.

So, they’re doing something about it.

Marc J. Spears of ESPN:

The Sacramento Kings have issued a “substantial fine” to center DeMarcus Cousins for his recent run-in with a Sacramento Bee columnist, the team said in a statement obtained by The Undefeated.

The amount of the fine was undisclosed and there was no suspension.

“The Kings have a clear set of standards of conduct expected of our entire organization. As a result of negative interactions with certain members of the media that were not corrected after verbal warnings, we have decided to impose a substantial fine,” the team said in the statement. “If this behavior is repeated again we will be forced to consider further discipline.”

The Kings have enabled Cousins’ bad behavior for years. They indicated they were finally serious about holding him to a higher standard, and this is the first example of it – though it took multiple incidents and warnings to reach this point.

This doesn’t necessarily close the matter. The NBA suspended Cousins two games in 2012 for confronting Spurs broadcaster Sean Elliott. The league could still take action here.