Report: Kings fine DeMarcus Cousins $50,000

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Kings levied a “substantial fine” on DeMarcus Cousins for repeated run-ins with the media.

How much is “substantial”?

Bill Lindelof of The Sacramento Bee:

A source who was knowledgeable about the fine but not authorized to speak publicly told The Bee it was $50,000.

James Ham of CSN California:

Cousins has yet to make a statement on the matter and no further action is expected from the NBA.

I’d call that substantial. That’s twice as much as the NBA has fined anyone this season.

If the league doesn’t add punishment, everyone can move on. Cousins’ already poor reputation takes a hit, and his $16,957,900 salary is shrunk a bit. But there needn’t be any lasting effects.

As long as Cousins stops this self-destructive attitude with the media.