Report: NBA salary cap will raise to $120 million by 2020


In case you had a sticker shock on this year’s salary cap — set at $94 million — and the subsequent deals that followed it this summer, prepare yourself for an even bigger number: $120 million.

That’s the figure reported by Yahoo! Sports as the salary cap number for the NBA by the year 2020.

It’s a hefty raise, not only as players around the league work themselves into better veteran’s minimum deals and higher-paying rookie salary schedules, but for max-level players as well.

From Yahoo!:

The salary cap projection of $118 million to $120 million – with a projected $143 million luxury tax threshold – is a significant rise in a growing economy for the league.

With the $120 million cap figure, max salaries would be $42 million annually for Tier 1, $36 million for Tier 2 and $30 million for Tier 3.

Regular fans may be thrown aback not only as top-tier, franchise-level players command north of $40 million per-season, but as role players and bench guys cash in as well.

This past summer, deals for Timofey Mozgov (4 years, $64 million) and Evan Turner (4 years, $70 million) caught NBA fans off guard as teams tried to fill out the gaps in their roster with non-star players.

Don’t forget 2020 is just four years away, and these deals are going to get even more hilarious before any kind of recess.