NBA: Wizards benefitted from incorrectly uncalled foul in win over Hornets


Despite nearly blowing a 12-point fourth-quarter lead, the Wizards escaped with a 109-106 win over the Hornets on Wednesday.

How did Washington hang on? An officiating error sure didn’t hurt.

John Wall should’ve been called for a a foul for disrupting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist‘s speed/quickness/balance/rhythm with 59.8 seconds left, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

Wall (WAS) makes contact with Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA) that affects his SQBR.

Because the Wizards were in the penalty, a correct call would’ve given Kidd-Gilchrist two free throws. Instead, he missed a jumper, and Washington grabbed the rebound.

While in intentional-foul mode, Charlotte cut its deficit to two.

We’ll obviously never know what would’ve happened with a correct call, including whether Kidd Gilchrist – who has shot 74% from the line this season and 70% for his career – would’ve made both free throws. The rest of the game could’ve played out differently.

But an incorrect call robbed the Hornets of two free throws in a game where they were forced to intentionally foul because they were down two points.