Referees’ Union: No-call on Draymond Green was correct, NBA’s L2M is wrong

draymond davis

If you ever wanted a story about the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, Anthony Davis, a late-game steal and a disagreement between two officiating bodies in the NBA, well, I finally have it for you.

On Tuesday, the Warriors beat the New Orleans Pelicans thanks to a steal by Green on Davis. The Pelicans star thought he was fouled, but it was a no-call on the court.

Then the NBA released the L2M report — a review session for calls at the end of games. The NBA determined that there should have been a foul on Green in the final moments, which would have given Davis a chance to tie the game with two free throws.

Is your head spinning? Ok, good. Mine too.

Finally, on Thursday, the National Basketball Referees Association — the official union of NBA refs — announced via their Twitter page that the game was indeed called correctly.

Well, we’re not getting a lockout now that the new CBA is likely to be ratified. How about a good ol’ officiating battle between the refs and the league?