Spurs’ Dewayne Dedmon slams multiple alley-oops all over Suns (VIDEO)

dedmon suns

The San Antonio Spurs are boring, right? At least, that’s what your uncle who hasn’t watched basketball since 2002 says every Christmas, so it’s probably time to prepare for that annual holiday interaction soon.

Here, I’ll help you with some videos of Dewayne Dedmon absolutely flying all over the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night.

If you’re not familiar by now, Dedmon has been a useful part of Gregg Popovich’s rotation this season in Texas as the 7-foot center tries to help follow up the team’s historic NBA defense from last season.

He’s also a bit of a leaper.

In the first quarter, Dedmon came off a simple slip on a pick-and-roll.

Then in the second quarter, he caught a halfcourt alley-oop by finding his way behind the Suns defense for the jam.

Feel free to show these dunks to your uncle.