Craig Sager dies at age 65

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Craig Sager was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame on Tuesday – an event that has unfortunately become a fitting sendoff to one of the NBA’s most beloved figures.

Sager died Thursday at the age of 65 after a lengthy bout with leukemia.

A sideline reporter, Sager was known worldwide for his wildly colorful suits – outfits that reflected a fulfilling and fun life. His battle with leukemia revealed him as not just a joyous personality who interviewed coaches and players, but an inspiration.

Sager will be missed by those who knew him and those who didn’t. He brought countless smiles to people, and this news will surely bring many tears.

We probably didn’t appreciate Sager enough until he got sick, but we’ve celebrated his life enthusiastically since. We still have a long way to go until we cherish his life as much he always appeared to cherish his own.