Dwyane Wade got ejected in crunch time of Bulls’ loss to Timberwolves (VIDEO)


Chicago had a chance. Down four with 25 seconds left, they got the ball off a Minnesota miss, got it to Dwyane Wade, and he brought the ball up the floor then attacked the paint early in the clock looking for a bucket or a foul.

What he ran into was a wall of Karl-Anthony Towns plus the long arms of Zach LaVine, and Wade got nothing but blocked. No bucket, no call.

Wade did not like the fact he didn’t get the superstar call in crunch time on his own court and let the referee hear about it — and was quickly given a double-technical and was thrown out. Minnesota would go on to win the game (having come from 21 down to do so).

We don’t know what Wade said to the referee. Maybe he crossed the line. But I hate to see players ejected at critical moments of the game for emotional words — the referees need to allow players to be frustrated and vent. It’s human. Maybe Wade took that a step too far, but could the referee just have let it go? Tough time to toss a guy.