Stephen Curry hits turnaround jumper, high-fives opposing coach (VIDEO)


Stephen Curry hits some tough shots, and you’ve got to respect him for it. Even if, for example, you’re an assistant coach for the New Orleans Pelicans, a team that Curry does not play for.

During a matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Pelicans in New Orleans on Tuesday night, Curry was put in a particularly tough spot. With a few seconds left on the shot clock and guarded closely by Jrue Holiday, Curry had to hoist a tough turnaround jumper from near the Pelicans bench.

The shot miraculously went in, and Curry wound up on the painted part of the sideline after his fadeaway.

Then, probably because he was there anyway, Curry gave New Orleans assistant coach Darren Erman a high-five.

No, really:

Erman previously coached for the Warriors before he was fired for secretly recording conversations.