Orlando Magic CEO believes team will win a title. By 2030.

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The Orlando Sentinel was taking a look ahead at what the revitalized downtown of that city may look like in 2030. At the heart of that revitalization is the Amway Center, the building the Magic call home.

Tied to that story, the Sentinel spoke to Magic CEO Alex Martins — and he’s optimistic about the team’s future. Eventually.

“I certainly believe by 2030 we will have won at least one championship,” Martins said. “And I say ‘at least.’ I firmly believe we’re going to get there and once you get there, you got the kind of team that hopefully can come back.

“I believe we will have won a championship.”

I think we can safely rule out 2017. Probably 2018, too.

However, projecting more than few years out in the NBA is difficult — the landscape can shift quickly. The Magic roster is going to see some changes over the next few years as players they had banked on to be part of the future slide out of the plans. (Elfrid Payton is the best example here, part of the reason Scott Skiles left as coach was a disagreement with management about how much Payton should play, but new coach Frank Vogel had the leverage and already has him and Nikola Vucevic coming off the bench.)

Orlando is a destination players like, particularly veterans with families — no state taxes, safe neighborhoods, warm weather, etc. If the Magic can build a strong foundation of young talented players, they may be able to land a star to put them over the top. This franchise had success before (they reached the 2009 NBA Finals). Over the course of 14 years, anything can happen.

Just don’t bet on it coming in the next few years.

(Hat tip, Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie)