NBA: Pelicans got away with key late foul in one-point win over Suns


The Pelicans probably won’t complain how they won Sunday. Snap a five-game losing streak, and the rest doesn’t matter.

But the Suns might have a problem with the result.

New Orleans’ 120-119 win over Phoenix included a key missed Pelicans foul in the final minute, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report. E'Twaun Moore should’ve been called for committing a loose-ball foul on Eric Bledsoe with 57 seconds left in overtime, according to the league:

Moore (NOP) swings his arm back and makes contact to Bledsoe’s (PHX) neck area following the pass.

Importantly, it would have been a loose-ball foul – not an offensive foul – on Moore, because Bledsoe deflected the ball away first. The difference: A loose-ball foul, with New Orleans in the penalty, would’ve given Bledsoe two free throws in addition to ending the Pelicans’ possession.

(The report also includes an incorrectly uncalled foul on Suns guard Leandro Barbosa later on the same possession, but a correct call on Moore would’ve wiped out the rest of the play.)

Obviously, we’ll never know how the game would’ve played out with a correct call. But it’s reasonable for Phoenix to feel aggrieved about missing out on two free throws in a one-point game.