Cavaliers CEO says Cleveland has been promised an NBA All-Star game

Elsa/Getty Images

LeBron James once joked (joked?) he doesn’t want Cleveland to host an All-Star game due to all the demands that would be placed on him, a legitimate concern no matter how he actually feels in sum.

Despite the Cavaliers bidding a couple years ago to host, Adam Silver had LeBron’s back. The NBA commissioner said Cleveland needed arena upgrades before it could host.

Well, upgrades might be on the way.

So, Cleveland wants to get in line behind the already-selected or somewhat-selected future All-Star locations:

Karen Farkas of

A newly-renovated Q will be the site of an NBA All-Star game, perhaps as early as 2020, according to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs have been promised the big event — which draws celebrities and millions of dollars in tourist spending — once the arena is renovated, said CEO Len Komoroski.

February in Cleveland? Sounds… like something the NBA would do as a carrot for teams’ extracting taxpayer money to upgrade their arenas.