Carmelo Anthony said he’s spoken to Kobe Bryant about how to deal with Phil Jackson


Phil Jackson likes to tweak his players through the media, he’s done it since he first got hired as a head coach in Chicago. He poked Michael Jordan that way. He prodded Kobe Bryant that way. And the latest target was the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony, with Jackson saying on a CBS show that ‘Melo would stall out the offense by holding the ball too long at times.

Anthony didn’t like that. But he leaned on experience on how to deal with Phil — ‘Melo called Kobe, the Knicks’ forward told Ramona Shelburne of ESPN.

“Me and Kobe have countless conversations about that,” Anthony said Saturday after the Knicks practiced in Los Angeles ahead of Sunday’s game against the Lakers…

“That’s something I’ve learned over the years, especially with Phil,” Anthony said, referring to the advice Bryant gave him. “[Jackson’s] going to talk. Nobody can stop that. So try not to read into it too much.”

My guess, Kobe’s answer was punctuated with a lot more swear words than that.

Anthony said he and Jackson had a short meeting on Saturday and that he has moved past the dust-up.

“We talked. We had a conversation this morning. He said his piece. I said my piece. Two men spoke,” Anthony said. “There’s not many amends to be made. From my standpoint, there’s no problems, there’s no issues.”

What Anthony wanted to know was why Jackson keeps bringing him up in interviews. But that’s just Jackson — he tweaks his stars through the media to send a message. He can’t help himself. The problem is, those comments come off differently if you’re a coach (and around the team daily) and a front office executive (around the team far less).

We will see Sunday night when the Knicks take on the Lakers if the team has moved on.