Andrew Bogut gets into Twitter fight about fake news conspiracy


Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut has some controversial political opinions, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Nor is Bogut afraid to mix it up, initially, with writers and fans on Twitter about those opinions.

On Tuesday Bogut tweeted something nonsensical about Pizzagate, a fake news story that originated from Reddit about a Democrat-led child sex ring.

From Twitter:

Bogut was then pointed to Snopes, a well-known debunking site, to help him understand more about the fake news.

The Dallas center responded, apparently thinking Snopes to be unreliable.

Bogut then got into it with several fans and writers on Twitter, mocking them for trying to expand his research capabilities on the Internet.

He would go on to delete these tweets, but Deadspin’s Patrick Redford caught the exchange via screenshot:

The election has made everybody weirder, including NBA players.

via Vocativ