LeBron throws down windmill dunk on Clippers (VIDEO)

lebron james

LeBron James has been with us for 14 seasons now, and at age 31, he’s shown some signs of slowing down. The Cleveland Cavaliers star doesn’t always live above the rim anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still doesn’t show us what we all know and love to see.

During Thursday night’s highly-anticipated matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers, James found himself on a breakaway with no LAC defenders in sight.

Now, as a wily veteran, LeBron could have simply laid it up and in for a subdued, quick two points.

Instead, he wound back the clock:

It feels extremely weird to write, but watching James go up for a dunk like this somehow makes me nostalgic despite the fact that he’s still playing and leading a championship contender in Cleveland.

Memory is weird like that, I guess. LeBron’s dunks, though? Very nice.

LA beat the Cavaliers, 113-94.