Doc Rivers fined $15,000 for losing it on officials in Brooklyn game

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That’s about as mad as you will ever see Doc Rivers.

He was frustrated, the Clippers had blown an 18-point lead and were deep into the first overtime (which they lost in a second OT), when he walked past half court to protest a call by Lauren Holtkamp. She calmly listened to him and walked him back to his side of the court, understanding that late in games coaches need to blow off some steam. However, crew chief Kenny Mauer rushed in from the other side because he heard — or, at least thought he heard, Rivers denies it — the coach swear at the Holtkamp. Mauer gave Rivers a technical, and Rivers just lost it, and picked up another ending his night.

In a surprise to nobody, including Rivers, the league fined him $15,000 for “verbal abuse towards a game official and not leaving the court in a timely manner after his ejection.”

No doubt Rivers left his side of the court, but that’s not why he got the technical. Mauer overreached. He tried to protect a fellow referee, who it turns out didn’t need protecting. Then again, Mauer had a rough game overall that night.