Report: Pelicans could get Tyreke Evans back by Friday

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Since Jrue Holiday returned to the Pelicans lineup — bringing a stabilizing force to set up the offense plus another much-needed playmaker besides Anthony Davis — New Orleans has won five-of-seven games. Despite their horrid 0-8 start you wonder if this team could climb back into the playoff race in the West.

What will happen when they add another playmaker to the mix?

That could happen Friday with Tyreke Evans, according to the announcing crew of the team during the win over the Lakers Tuesday. Here is what Pelicans sideline reporter Jennifer Hale wrote a couple weeks ago.

Evans’ minute limit could work out — he should be the sixth man on this team anyway. He’s an old-school volume scorer who creates shots mostly for himself, so put Evans out there with the second unit, throw him the ball and say “go to work.” He can score some buckets, keep things close, and let the big guns get some rest.

Evans is going to be motivated this season, it’s a contract year for him. Health issues will limit the size of the offers that come in, but if he bounces back with a good rest of the season, it will be interesting to see what offers come in.