Stephen Curry on re-signing with Warriors: “It’s hard to see myself anywhere else”

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Stephen Curry‘s steal of a contract comes to an end this summer and he will be an unrestricted free agent.

Notice how you haven’t heard any stories about teams clearing cap space to chase Curry this summer? That’s because you can’t find a person around the league that thinks he’s going to leave Golden State. Sure, his agent will get calls, but they have about as much chance of success as me calling Margot Robbie.

Curry wasn’t going to completely paint himself into a corner, but he said as much speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

Although he says “curveballs happen all the time,” it should relieve millions of people in the Bay Area that Curry feels that he is home. “It’s hard to see myself anywhere else,” he says.

The Warriors can offer Curry the most money — safe to say he’s a max player, which will start for him at about $28.8 million annually — and he is playing on a contending team, for a strong organization, it one of the world’s great cities/regions, with an amazingly strong fan base. He’s going to bolt all of that because…

Curry will get a deal done minutes after the clock flips over to July 1 next summer. Same with Kevin Durant in Golden State (he can and will opt out to get a larger, longer deal that starts at $33.5 million a year). What that means for the Warriors ability to keep Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, David West and other free agents is a different question.

By the way, don’t be shocked if, once past his prime, Curry plays the final couple seasons of his career in his hometown of Charlotte. But that’s not happening this summer.