Al Horford thanks Celtics after baby’s birth, comments from radio host

Al Horford

Boston Celtics center Al Horford took a day away from the team for the birth of his daughter, Alia, on Monday. The choice to partake in one of the most normal, human experiences one can have in a lifetime forced Horford to miss the Celtics’ matchup with the Miami Heat, something that was OK with all parties involved.

Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Horford was glad the organization understood his priorities.


“I’m in a unique situation because this is our first year here and my wife (was) going through all the moving in the middle of the pregnancy, so (it was) just a lot going on,” said Horford. “I just felt like it was important for me to be there for her, supporting her.

“And we have a son (one-year-old Ean) as well, so it’s been a lot thrown at her these last few months and I know that it meant a lot to her for me to be there with her.”

This whole story is a bit of a reaction to a CSNNE radio host named Mike Felger, who said Horford should have chartered a private jet and played the game against Miami anyway.

Felger — drawn into the national eye and ire in 2011 after he alluded to a relationship between Boston Red Sox C Jason Varitek and reporter Heidi Watney — is a local sports radio guy, and this kind of behavior is a direct consequence of a style of thinking in that line of business. That is, shock, awe, and indefensible positions made to grow listenership that not even his co-workers will argue has merit.

Despite all that, it sounds like baby Alia is doing great. The Celtics are 10-7, good enough for No. 4 in the Eastern Conference.

Oh, and Boston beat Miami, 112-104.