Young Cavs fan gets high-five from Kyrie Irving, can’t believe it (VIDEO)

cavs fan kyrie irving
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Remember what it was like to be young and at a professional sporting event? What about the first time you met a player, or the first time you got to stand anywhere near close to them?

If you want to take a trip back to what that felt like, then check out this video of a Cleveland Cavaliers fan getting a high-five from Kyrie Irving as he comes out of the tunnel.

It’s basically gold:

That’s a kid clearly excited he got invited down from that corner section he keeps looking up at to give Irving an up high he does about 100 times per-day.

The look on his face when he’s done is priceless. He may never wash that hand again.

Although if I were him, I’d start practicing my crossovers right away. Maybe something magical rubbed off on him.