Russell Westbrook ties LeBron in career triple-doubles in 395 fewer games


Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has tied Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James for career triple-doubles. The Thunder point guard has carte blanche when it comes to the Oklahoma City offense, and in an effort against the Detroit Pistons on Saturday night, Westbrook pulled level with James.

Oh, and he did it in 395 fewer games thus far. A minor detail.

Westbrook and James both have 44 triple-doubles, tying them at No. 6 all-time.

Obviously, both are still active and will likely rack up more, but there’s more than enough evidence to suggest Westbrook will surpass James this season and won’t be caught again.

Westbrook is averaging 32 points, 10.9 assists, and 9.8 rebounds per-game. That’s nearly a triple-double a night, of which he has six this season.

There are still many players ahead of both Westbrook and LeBron: Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, and Oscar Robertson.

Westbrook is likely going to challenge not only James on the all-time list but Bird, Chamberlain, and Kidd if he stays healthy and this season goes the way we think it will.