NBA: Kristaps Porzingis got away with key travel in Knicks’ win over Trail Blazers


Kristaps Porzingis did his part, scoring 31 points in the Knicks’ 107-103 win over the Trail Blazers on Tuesday.

But his performance wouldn’t have looked so swell if it weren’t for a late uncalled travel that could’ve turned the game for Portland.

Porzingis got away with travelling with 15.3 seconds left, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

Porzingis (NYK) moves his pivot foot.

Instead of a Knicks turnover, Porzingis passed to Derrick Rose, who hit a dagger jumper that put New York up four with 6.8 seconds left.

That left the Trail Blazers to force a 3-pointer in desperation rather than playing their final possession down two with a realistic chance to win or tie the game.