Dwyane Wade: Nuggets, not Heat, were second choice to Bulls in free agency

AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Dwyane Wade had a complicated exit from Miami this summer, leaving the Heat for the Bulls.

But Wade – who called himself a “HeatLifer” just two years ago – said Miami wasn’t even his second choice in free agency. That honor (honor?) went to the Nuggets, who made a lucrative push.

Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post:

It’s somewhat surprising Wade, who still seems to care about his Miami legacy, would admit this publicly. Perhaps he just wants the Heat to feel bad about not offering as much money. Perhaps Denver’s pitch was that impressive. Maybe some of both.

The Nuggets are young and at least fringe playoff contenders. At best, Wade would have provided veteran leadership and boosted Denver’s playoff chances. At worst, he would have impeded the development of Gary Harris and Jamal Murray.

From Kevin Love to Blake Griffin to Wade, the Nuggets have targeted stars over the last few years. If their pitch is as impressive as Wade said, maybe they’ll eventually land one.