Watch Kevin Love drop NBA record 34 points in first quarter on Portland


Kevin Love is hotter than your Thanksgiving oven.

Which means, Trail Blazers, you may want to stop leaving him open.

Love set an NBA record dropping 34 points on Portland — in the first quarter. Love was 11-of-14 from the floor, including 8-of-10 from three, and seemed like he could not miss. A lot of his shots came on pick-and-pops where both Portland defenders went with the ball, or where Love’s man just flat-out lost him at the arc and couldn’t recover. That said, Love hit some tough fade-aways and made plays in the post. Once he started to see the ball go in nothing was going to stop him. That’s the kind of shooting exhibition that would leave Stephen Curry impressed.

We will note that the Trail Blazers had the second-worst defense in the NBA coming into the game, and they are on the second night of a back-to-back (Derrick Rose and Kristaps Porzingis torched them Tuesday). Still, 34 points in one quarter is flat out ridiculous, and Love earned those buckets knocking down the shots. (Portland did better and Love didn’t score in the second quarter.)